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Bio: Sewage bar screen introduction
Sewage bar screen is the pre-treated equipment for large and middle sized water supply and drainage project, and used for middle and coarse screen in general. It is widely used for municipal wastewater, waterworks, hydropower station and pump station to intercept and clean bigger floating objects (such as branches, weeds, woodchips, plastic wastes, household wastes and so on).
Sewage bar screen Features
1.Using the isometric distribution toothed harrow to block the dirt automatically and continuously can avoid a large number of rubbish to block the grid.
2. Thoroughly in dregs seizing, high separation efficiency
3. Complete machine, convenient installation.

Structures and Working Principles
Sewage bar screen is made of rotational system, rack, toothed harrow, traction chain, underwater guide wheel, attached grid, main grid and slag trap. The rotational system drives the toothed harrow to turn up and down by traction chain, toothed harrow gets down at the back of the grid, underwater guide wheel changes its direction to the front of the grid in the bottom, the floating objects intercepted by the grid will be seized to the slag discharged mouth from bottom to top, then they will be transported to the conveyor or garbage truck.

Sewage bar screen Advantages
1. Sieve screen is offered with apertures from 0.5 mm ,1mm, 1.5mm to 3 mm;
2. Passive filtration method maximizes solids removal;
3. No moving parts, easy to set up with small installation area;
4. Self-cleaning, easy to maintain, and the running cost is zero;
5. No actuating equipment, neither vibration nor noise is produced;
6. Simple structure, operation simplicity, sturdiness.
Our Service
1. Reply your inquiry within 24 business hours.
2. Experienced staff answer all your questions promptly.
3. Our well-trained professional engineers and staff can provide our clients with unique and unique solutions.
4. We will choose the most cost-effective logistics and transportation for customers according to the quantity purchased.
5. We will send you free spare parts if the product problem is caused by us.
6. If it is man-made problem, we also send spare parts, but it will be charged. Any questions, You can call us directly.
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